Harbin Institute of Technology Weihai campus (HIT(Weihai)) was founded in 1985, in a best livable Chinese city, Weihai. Since thirty years’ development, HIT(Weihai) has become a large HIT campus with ten schools, 10,308 undergraduate students and 540 postgraduate students, and 860 staff members including 95 professors and 208 associate professors. HIT(Weihai) is providing an HIT-standard education system covering 37 bachelor programs and sharing HIT’s 148 master programs and 82 doctoral programs. Engineering is the leading discipline, properly coordinated with science, economics and management, and literature. Complementing to the main campus (Harbin), HIT(Weihai) has developed with the characteristic disciplines such as Ocean Science and Marine Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and the highlights in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology and Electric Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Material Science and Engineering. Since 2015, HIT(Weihai) has presented a new strategic goal to develop an innovative HIT campus adapted to the world-class university, and a set of new reform policies which emphasize internationalization, university-industry cooperation, modern education, etc. The development of international education is one of the top priorities for HIT(Weihai) to promote education level and to enhance the global competence of students through studying in the multi-countries and multi-culture environment.